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Size: M
Love this bra!

Best non-underwire bra I have! I have large boobs (30H) and this one is so supportive and soft. I love and will be purchasing more!

Size: M
Comfortable, happy boobs!

I received an email when my bras were out for delivery "your boobs will be happy today..." And they were.

I bought one of these to try it out, but then went back and bought 2 more, as I'm working from home more so I'd rather be in a comfy all-day bra than an underwire. It is now my go-to bra! The straps are a little wide and they peek out of v-neck shirts, but they don't look like bra straps, so it's not a big deal at all!

I wear 34 C and the M fits really well. I need to readjust a little during the day, but I don't feel like the girls are falling out like I do in other non-wire comfort bras. I like that it is supportive but not as constrictive as a sports bra. I definitely can do treadmill walks and jogs or yoga in this bra, but I'd go to a sports bra for higher-impact activities.

Supportive enough. Not itchy. No tags. Soft. Definitely a fan!

Size: Large
Great for Working from Home

I switched to bralettes (anything without underwire!) since working from home. I've tried various styles and brands over the last 10 months, and this is one of the best. It's comfortable and well-made. I'm a 38C, and I often have issues with spilling out of the top or bands rolling or riding up, but not with this one -- everything stays put. The front and back Vs also make this more similar to a regular bra than the sports bra effect you can get with some bralettes/underwire-free options. It's my go-to bra for feeling put together while still incredibly comfy.

Size: 2XL
Very comfortable

I was surprised at how much support these bras provided, since they are essentially a bralet. They do ride up a bit under my breasts as I move around.

Size: XS
Great Bundle!

I really recommend this. It gives you the best bras, for a lower price. I was a little hesitant because I never bought a Harper Wilde bra and didn't want to get four and not like any of them but I took the risk and love them all! Especially the Bliss bra. I was so happy that I had two to wear right away!

Size: Medium
Amazing bras!

I purchased two bras and I wear them everyday! They are so incredibly comfortable and fit with all of my shirt cuts to not show straps. Love these and will definitely be purchasing more!

Size: Small
Really like

I’m a 32 D & I got small and it’s so nice! Can’t feel it at all, even after wearing all day. Not insanely lifting but better than a sports bra and for being as comfortable as it is, it’s getting the job done!!

Size: XL
Great fit

So comfortable!

Size: L
Blown away

I had low expectations for this bra. I purchased on a whim after doing some research, I was mostly curious and half expected to return. It arrived in the mail today and I'm stunned, I absolutely cannot believe how comfortable it is and how well it fits. Especially in comparison to what I was wearing before; I already refuse to wear anything with underwire, it makes my old Aerie bralettes seem like a bad dream.
Now I just need some coupons or something so I can stock up. Never going without again.

Size: 2XL
Love The Bliss bra

According to the size chart I measured as an XL. When I tried it on the band fit perfectly but the cup of the bra was snug so I ordered the 2XL and the fit was much better.

Size: L
Comfy and beautiful

Love the comfort and look. My only request is to add thickness over the nipple as currently too thin so can see through shirt.

Size: Large
So cozy!

As a large-chested woman (34G) I struggle with not only finding a bra that fits but one that doesn’t feel like a torture device. During quarantine I prioritized comfort over support. I tried True&Co bras but the gave me unibody and I was constantly having to adjust to make sure my boobs would stay in! The Bliss gives all the coziness, basic support (probably wouldn’t recommend for a workout), and I never have to adjust myself. I can literally forget I’m wearing it, which is a game-changer. I already ordered a second one in Beige (first one in Black) to cover any outfit needs.

The Base - Tan

Comfort & Style: You CAN Have Both!

I've always been a heavy chested woman. It's always been hard finding comfortable bras for when I just want to be at home. The Bliss bra not only fits, but it looks so seamless and simple. I love minimal looks and mine matches my skin color perfectly (black woman). I couldn't be happier with my bra!

Size: Large

Best comfort I’ve ever experienced

Size: XL
Most comfortable bra ever!

I haven't had a comfortable bra in years! Bliss is amazing. The fabric is soft yet somehow supports the girls. The band doesn't cut into my midriff or bunch up. How is that possible?! I'm not sure how the wide shoulder straps will work with summer clothes but honestly don't care. I own 3 of these bras and will definitely order more, especially if they're ever offered in colors!

Size: Large

I am very picky about my bras. Im currently 9 months pregnant and all of my bras, even my sports bras, just feel like they're suffocating me. I ordered this one after reading the reviews and because it was reasonably priced, not really expecting much. When I received it and first looked at it, I thought it might be too small. But it is perfect! Fits true to size and is so soft. No rolling up, no back fat, and comfy even at 9 mos pregnant. Will definitely order another!

Size: Medium
So comfortable!

I was skeptical about all the positive reviews and decided to give it a shot after seeing numerous ads online about the Bliss. Its all true guys this is the most comfortable bra there is, feels like I'm wearing nothing and provides great support, straps don't dig into your shoulders and it stretches a fair amount to slip on and off.

Size: 3X
Loved the Bliss - easy exchange for the Move

For me, the Bliss fit really well & truly is very comfortable. I do have to adjust it a couple of times during the day, but it's still a fantastic bra. No rolling up, and plenty of support for a bralette. Better than I'd hoped. The Move, however, dug down into my lats and gave me a neck ache and, eventually, a headache. It just wasn’t for me; I’m pretty sensitive in those muscle areas. In any case, the exchange was really easy and I got a third Bliss at the end of the day. Lovely!

Size: 32D

Great quality, fit, etc.

The Base - Beige

Size: M
So Soft!

These are so soft and comfortable all day long!

Size: L
this bra is actually amazing

I got this bra during pregnancy as my bazoongas expanded 3 cup sizes in a few months. It is SO COMFORTABLE. And flattering under clothes! It's the softest thing I've ever put on my body. The straps are wide, so it wouldn't work under, say, a tank top, but it's definitely my new go-to. I can't believe I've been wearing such uncomfortable stuff for so long.

Size: XL
Amazing Bra!

I normally wear a 36G. My cup isn't that big, but I need a nice snug band to keep everything where it's supposed to be. There are few wireless bra options in my size with any kind of decent coverage, unless you want a sports bra. Cue The Bliss. I was ready to be disappointed, as bras had made me promises before... I was pleasantly surprised! The fabric really is soft as butter. I never "feel" it, but when I stop and think about how comfortable it is, I feel so cozy and relaxed. The coverage is great. Nothing's popping out of the top or the bottom. There definitely isn't as much separation and shape as a traditional underwire bra, but that's to be expected. Overall, this is a great wireless bra for larger chests. Comfortable enough to wear 24/7, and still enough support and shape to wear out and about. I WILL be purchasing more!

Size: L
Unbelievably good.

This bra has replaced practically every other in my life. It’s the most comfortable, flattering, versatile bra I’ve ever owned. I’m obsessed. Bought one to try, wore it one day and ordered two more. Then another. Literally recommend to every woman I know. Huge round of applause and gratitude to y’all for making theses.