A bra a day goes a long way

Together we will lift up your ladies and the future leading ladies of tomorrow

We are donating to help put young girls through primary school

We know that a strong, empowered woman is the product of an educated young girl. Yet, there are over 62 million school-age girls without access to education, and women make up over two-thirds the number of illiterate adults. That is why we are proud to call The Girl Project our official Social Impact Partner. Our donations to The Girl Project will help girls in over 120 countries gain access to the education they deserve. In addition to supporting education, The Girl Project leads initiatives that tackle the bigger issues preventing girls from getting the education they deserve, like poverty and gender-biased violence.  Join us as we seek to educate girls, further building on our mission to build the next generation of leading ladies. #LiftUpTheLadies

We selected a manufacturer who also strives to empower women

When we set out to manufacture bras, one of our top priorities was meeting the people who would be making them. We had heard horror stories, so before producing a single bra, we packed our bags and headed overseas to see the factory first-hand. Three missed connections, one lost bag, and nine Snapchats later, we arrived at the factory.

We worked side-by-side for a week and learned about their sustainable supply chain initiatives and women’s empowerment program. It was clear they were the right partner. They are committed to empowering the women in their workforce through their gender equality program. They provide women with skills across Career Advancement, Work-Life Balance, Skills Development and Rewarding Excellence to further their economic stability. We are proud to be working with a manufacturer who is just as committed as we are to #LiftUpTheLadies