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Actually, I love Bra Shopping (B.S.)

It started with a question... why are bras so expensive?

We didn’t have an answer. In fact, instead of an answer, we ran into more questions: why is the bra industry so over-sexualized? Why do bras have so many embellishments? Why is a product that is meant for us, typically marketed toward men? As we delved deeper into this world of intimates, we found injustices, absurdities, and some humor along the way that inspired us to create a company that women are proud to stand behind.

And so, Harper Wilde was born

We started with research. We talked to hundreds of women to determine what features women want and need in a bra, and which ones they don’t. Working with renowned intimates designers, we created everyday bras that match a woman’s real needs - including the needs of her bank account. We built a shopping experience that removes the middlemen (because why are men running this industry anyway?). As a result, we can provide quality products at fair prices.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re empowering every Wilde Woman - from our employees and our factory workers, to girls who can’t afford an education. Inspired by Harper Lee and Laura Ingalls Wilder, Harper Wilde has education and empowerment at our core. We are committed not only to lifting up your ladies, but also to lifting up the future generation of leading ladies.

We had some fun along the way, too...

Wilde Women

We met shortly before business school and bonded immediately. We can’t say for sure, but it may have started over a shared love for beef jerky. It didn’t take long to realize we also shared an endless appetite for discovery, new challenges, and humor - all of which helped lay a solid foundation upon which Harper Wilde was built.


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