The Essentials Bundle

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The Essentials Bundle - Beige

Size: 32D
Probably never buying any other bra

The essentials package is amazing, the T shirt and strapless bra fit better than any I have ever owned and the bralette is SO comfy. Great company

Size: 34C
Great bras!

Super comfortable and flattering

Size: 36DDD
Some good, some bad, some ok!

First I do want to say I love that Harper Wilde will accept returns of individual items from the bundle.
The materials are nice, fabric is soft, and i love that they are machine washable.
The bad- the strapless bra. Ohmygod I did NOT like the strapless bra. I had to double check to see if I got the right size because of how awfully it "fit". It spread the girls way apart and still wasn't even big enough to hold them. It was like it was trying to fold my boobs up into my armpit. I INSTANTLY returned it.
The basic is a very nice bra and the first bra I have ever owned to pass the "scoop and swoop" and wiggle tests. There's no spillage! My only complaint is it feels like the underwire is way lower than any other bra - the cup feels so nice and I fill it out well, but the underwire is a good 1.5 inches below the underboob. I think I would need to play with the sizes more, but it's too late to return that one now. It's still comfy though!
The bliss is as it is titled. I freaking LOVE it. It is SO SOFT, and still flattering! I want to live in it.
The move is really comfy too! DEFINITELY not a high impact sports bra but it would be fine for weights and yoga.

Size: 38B, L
Super Comfortable!

For someone who usually wore sports bras, I’m living the bralette. It is super comfortable and supportive and fits well. Also, am enjoying the other bras in the bundle to replace my old ones I’ve had for years. Initially ordered a 36C and exchanged for a 38B. Found the size chart helpful and the exchange process very quick and easy.