The Nursing Bra - Tan
The Nursing Bra - Tan
The Nursing Bra - Tan
The Nursing Bra - Tan

The Nursing Bra

The Everyday Nursing Bra. 
Softness, support, and simplicity. We've got you covered.  

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Size: 38C

The Nursing Bra - Tan

Size: 32C

Just received these in the mail. The design and fit are a dream!

I have tried many nursing bras in the past, and couldn’t find ones that I was really happy with. I settled for the Kindred Bravely Maravella and the Lively Nursing Bralette which I have been using for the last 9 months. The KB bra is comfortable, but the way the cups attach to the band allow for it to ride up, causing the cups to gape despite having the right size. The Lively Bralette is comfy but super thin, allowing for nursing pads to show through tighter tops. It also has seams down the front of the cup which are visible.

Which brings me to Harper Wilde’s nursing bra. I was always hesitant to try a nursing bra with an underwire because any pressure spots can cause plugged ducts, but this bra fits perfectly and I have no concerns about this. It stays put while moving around. The cup is lined and the perfect thickness to hide breast pads. I rarely have leakage and when I do only small amounts, so I will probably go pad-free. Probably the best thing about this bra is how nicely the cups conform to me. When trying it on, i had one breast that was noticeably fuller than the other. The bra was somehow able to accommodate this without any gaping on the smaller side or spilling over on the fuller side. Boobs are rarely perfectly symmetrical when breastfeeding, so this is very important! It wears very nicely under clothes.

Looking forward to see how they wear over time.

To choose my size for this bra, I measured my band size, then subtracted my band size from my bust measurement to get my cup size. I measured myself midday to get a good average since my breasts are more full in the AM and emptier in the PM.


I haven’t purchase yet, but all I can say is YES! Finally! I love these bras so much and have been hoping they would make a nursing bra. Thank you!!!!